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Lauren Roberts


We are excited to announce that Don and his wife Julia will be moving down to Spokane permanently at the beginning of this next year, where they will stake down their base camp and begin making photographs for the rad lovers of the Pacific Northwest. Lauren will be staying in Alaska and is looking forward to putting down some roots here in the best state ever...with Washington being a close second, Don hopes :) With these diverging paths, we will no longer be working as a team here at Loose Leaf Weddings.

We are both wildly thrilled at the opportunity to devote ourselves more fully to our own personal business and we can’t wait to see what this new year has in store for us! We will both continue to be available for all your wedding and visual story telling needs and if you’d like to keep up with us, you can find Lauren at and Don at Feel free to drop us a line anytime, we’d love to hear from you!

Thank you for always supporting and believing in us.  You guys are rockstars and we’re happy to have you in our corner.

All our love,

Don & Lauren


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Lauren IG: @lr_beautyboard  ||  Lauren FB:

Sierra & Antone || Weddings Stills + Film

Lauren Roberts

And then they asked us to come along and document their wedding day. And I think we lost it a little bit... 

This is their favorite spot. The spot where everything foundational came to be. Their sanctuary and their playground alike, so beloved in fact that they named their puppies after it.

Harding Lake...

is a magical place of eternal sunsets and many golden doggy friends. On account of a few busted teeth and her sassy remarks, these lake rats met on these very water summers ago and came back this June to get married and party their hearts out on it's shore.

We love them, they love each other, and we hope you love this film by Lauren and these photographs by Don. 

Thank you for having us along to document your wedding day you Contentos. We will always remember the allure of the lake you love so much. 

We'd like to give a shout out to the wedding band, Burnt Orange for seriously bringing the party and another special thank you to Young Fangs for letting us use their track "To Have & To Hold" in this wedding film!


With love, Don & Lauren

Spring Bridal Session – Anchorage, Alaska

Donald Derosier

I love style shoots. It’s like they say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes a group of rad vendors to put on a badass style shoot. Our village was made up of the ravishing

Florist: Bloomsbury Blooms

Bridal Gowns: Bateau Bridal Boutique

Hair & Makeup Artist: Hannah’s Hair Expressions

and lastly ourselves here at Loose Leaf.

Making imagery as a job is good. So good. And in that goodness, it’s nice (and also much needed) sometimes to take a break and do something just for the sake of being creative. To parade around a parking lot with an UP sized bundle of balloons, to make a rainbow stick of ribbons and twigs, hike up a hill and just make art because it’s fun and beautiful to be creative.

And so we did.

To celebrate that still moment between the deadness of winter and the coming of spring; when the grass glistens gold and the tree branches loom in silence on the brink of something exquisite. Somewhat like a rest…

Right before the start of a symphony. - lauren

Refreshing. Collaborative. Joy. Preparation. Time. Creative. Sharing. Community.

These words describe what I felt during this awe-inspiring bridal session. The point of this gathering was to make art, together. Art that we could spread to our fellow vendors, highlighting their amazing talents in Anchorage, Alaska. At the same time it helped me re-kindle my passion for photography. Let me explain.  

I’ve been in a rut the last few months with my camera, trying to develop my own voice. Everyone has one, it’s just whether or not we want to make it known. The struggle was finding mine. I seemed to have lost it somewhere off the beaten path, and I thought travel might be the solution, again. So I left another Alaska winter and journeyed for the last 8 months back to Australia trying to find it. I came back with moments and great images, but I still couldn’t find the passion that jumped me into photography in the first place. I was still un-inspired. If anything, I was beginning to be more cynical of photography. As everything I saw was a copy... over and over. And everyone just playing off each other in this rat race we call great imagery. I almost lost heart, until Lauren got back from a mentor session, excited to tell me what she had learned. Her excitement and passion brought me back into play, and the one thing she kept saying over and over to me is do what you want to do, not what people necessarily pay you to do.

Do more personal work. Even if you don’t get paid, keep doing what you love.

And that’s we decided to do this session– because we wanted to do it, and to bring a great group of people together to show off their talents. This session healed me. It brought me to a state of mind that I can’t find inspiration in just what I do, but I find it through a community of people willing to come together to make great art. Every one of you that were involved, models, hair dresser/make-up artist, bridal designers, florist, videographer (Lauren), and my wife, Julia, who assisted me. All of you brought back my inspiration. Thank you. -don

Antone & Sierra || And the Day We Went to Girdwood

Lauren Roberts

The fog was golden.

And we took to the road off to their favorite place, once called home, and still that in spirit. Where all the ski bums roam and hippies are welcome. A little town we all like to call Girdwood. 

We really really like them. And we're pretty sure you will too. 

Take a look friends.

Their wedding this summer is going to be so dang rad.

Stay tuned lovers.


Leonora & Austin // Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

Lauren Roberts

She had been preaching for weeks that this Austin was nothing more than a friend. "I just can't even think of him that way. It would never work out" slowly transitioned to "ok, ok fine. The moment he calls me out on something then I'll consider." Let me disclaim to you now that Lea is way into honesty, authenticity, and often- bluntness. For this guy to call her out on her shiz would mean he A) wasn't afraid of hurting her feelings and B) cared about her and other people more than he cared about himself.

So there I was. A sunny day in May. Phone next to me on the hot shingled roof, I got a call from my Leonora.

"Damn, that was fast," she said.

And so he earned his way into her heart by paying no mind to offending her. I spent one of the most beautiful black and humid summer nights listening to every detail that unfolded as they came to fall in real live love with each other.

 And so months later, at their favorite coffee shop with everyone they loved pressed against the glass, they each became a betrothed.

Leonora and Austin, ladies and gents.

With love,



Don + Julia | Wedding Film + Stills

Donald Derosier

Don | Stills

This film is very personal to me.

These photographs are also.

And what you read here will explain why.

When I met Lauren, the videographer, we clicked. We were both passionate about storytelling, being creative, and taking risks. Then it was the idea. A small idea that involved in what you see now as Loose Leaf Weddings. The idea of tying a photo plus film experience in one simple, affordable package for couples wanting a creative, documentary approach to their wedding day. But we needed something more. Something very personal to show couples we really can work well together.  

So I decide to get married.

Wait. I know what you are thinking. But no, I didn’t get married to jump start a new business. It just so happened that it was convenient at the time to document my wedding day to show couples how we, as a team, can document weddings. And the plan was to get married that summer anyways, or elope to Australia. As you can imagine, it was a little difficult on the photo part as I being the groom. After the ceremony I did manage to break out my camera and do a few portraits of Julia, but the rest of the stills are taken by the lovely Lauren, who does a smashing job with photos and films.

So I plan the wedding. I get in touch with Rebecca, my favorite wedding planner in Alaska, and we talk. She organizes the florist, Bloomsbury Blooms, who does incredible work with the boutique, and flower crown. Rebecca also cut up all the confetti which you see the people throwing up after ceremony, and stylized the ceremony with logs, flowers in mason jars. This wedding is a very big thank you to Rebecca. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner with her company, La Boum Events.

That’s it, right? I told you the why, now watch the film and look at the photos. If you cry between  any of it that’s perfectly normal. I cry every time, but that’s okay. Real men cry.

stay awesome,




Lauren | Film

For me, it started with an email. This Alaskan photographer living in Aussie land wanting to know if I would like to go for tea and talk about art when he came back up to Alaska. He and his fiance would be new to the area and they were looking for a place to stay. They needed somewhere to lay their heads for the night until they could move into their new pad. So, I offered my house for the night. Just rolling in right before I left for a sunset shoot, I hugged them hello, showed them to their room, and was off.

They kept weaving their way into my life all throughout the summer, from shooting weddings to together to baking me house warming banana bread, all the way up to the creation of Loose Leaf Weddings. They became my surprisingly fast friends, ever since the day they rolled up in that little gray car.

Don and Julia are true bred artists. They are so far from the conveyor belt and care nothing for "the way things are done." We're kindred spirits in that way.

I am so pleased and honored to share with you Don and Julia, my friends and now partners in art, in their intimate-woodland-we-do-what-we-want wedding day.

with love,


p.s. We'd like to extend a rad thank you to An Atlas To Follow for letting us use their song "Call This Home" at the beginning of this film.

Sarah & Dave // Minnesota Wedding Photographer

Donald Derosier

Any of you who's been long time Beauty Board Media traveler's have seen this woman and little blonde boy all the way from when they were just the two of them. 

I met Sarah during my stay in Minnesota/ She is a total powerhouse of a woman, with enough stamina to rock a full time career and come to home to play bad guys and superheroes with her son. And her now counterpart is a rock solid chiseled specimen of a man who never tires in using his sight and his strength to take care of anything that needs to be done.

After having such an extended photographic journey with Sarah & JJ already, you can bet I was pretty stinkin' pumped to photograph such a climactic celebration for this new family- and one helluvah celebration it was.

Without further ado, I am so pleased to share with you Sarah & Dave's Edgewood Farm  summer wedding. Check out their  film made by some dapper MN locals. A huge thanks to Nicole of Nylon Saddle Photography for shooting this wedding with me.


With Love




I'll be in Minnesota at the end of May 2014 for a wedding. In addition I'll be accepting a limited amount of addition bookings should it strike your fancy. Know anyone who's in love or getting hitched? Spread the word! 

H.H. Boogie // The Unshop

Lauren Roberts

Some of you who have met us already have heard about the incomparably beautiful unbound albums we're offering with our wedding packages this year. For those of you who haven't, let me give you the short of it for the sake of context (we will fill you in more later!).

H.H. Boogie is a company based out of Mount Vernon, Ohio that works with local Amish craftsmen to create handcrafted wooden boxes and leather satchels to make up what they call "Unbound Albums." An unbound album is like a normal photo album- only better. Unbound Albums take out the elements of glue & stitches to leave off the binding of the pages that make up your memories- leaving you with the freedom to let your album evolve as your story continues to. 

About a month ago, I found myself on the red eye flight to Mount Vernon Ohio to attend H.H. Boogie's Unshop- A non workshop feeling photographer gathering put on by H.H. Boogie in Ohio, saturated with rest, relaxation, shooting, and campfire talks.

Not being entirely sure of what to expect, I came away not only ridiculously satisfied, but also recharged and inspired. It was a trip that was fast apparent as incredibly more than worth my while. Meeting entirely new people. With different eyes than mine. Different ways of seeing- of doing- somehow all bound in common by our love for that which we call the photo biz. No pressure to be anywhere at a certain time. Gourmet food. Enchanted gardens. Live music. No lectures, just learning. And actually taking the time to just BE different. And be together.

I learned about the importance of serving your clients above yourself. About the weighty and fulfilling calling to be a teller of stories. About the substance in taking the long way and never sacrificing your quality just to make things easy. All of which we want to weave into everything we do here at Loose Leaf.

A major thanks to Jeremy and Ashley for taking the time to pull everything together. You two so genuinely care about each other and other people so much more than you care about yourselves and that rocked my world.  Your hospitality was overly generous and watching the way you two loved each other reminded me of the kickass effects of a marriage where two people team up to live in a way that matters. 

With Love

- Lauren. 

Alaska Bride 2013 Fall Wedding Show

Donald Derosier

Whew. We did our first wedding show last month at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.   This wedding show was the official launch for Loose Leaf Weddings from just an idea two months before.

Our approach was to re-create a booth that resembled a cozy, warm home, like visiting your Grandma’s house on a snowy evening. With two retro couches, a book case full of photos, and a backdrop with linen wallpaper and frames photos all over, we managed an attempt to re-create a cozy home. Lauren also had a table with a television and computers set up to show off her latest wedding films. We also supplied couples with little gift bags filled with chocolate chip cookies, early bird flyers, and other goodies for them to enjoy. And we can’t forget our unbound album, the heirloom, that was on display, for everyone to touch, feel, smell, and hold. With us being the only photo + video team there, everyone wanted to say hello to us.

At the end of the show, I can say we did a grand job in telling people about our start up company. Many people were interested, from vendors and couples alike. We gave out our 100 gift bags, and received awesome feedback of how our images and films were so creative and personal from anything they have seen in Alaska. It was fun and exciting and I can’t wait to do another one.  

We want to extend a BIG thank you for everyone that stopped by and also thank our partner vendors who helped us out with cross promotion with our little (dream big) company.